Trauma Informed Classrooms with an Equity Lens

The equity gap has only widened in schools over the course of the last several months. Both racial and educational trauma has been further exposed on a systemic level. We are experiencing a time where BOTH educators and children have undergone significant amounts of chronic, persistent trauma. The uncertainty of what lies ahead in schools actually exacerbates these traumas. 

How do we create better conditions now to mitigate the effects of trauma for ourselves and for our students? How do we welcome our children into healthy, healing learning spaces? Whether we are in-person or distance-learning, dynamic equity leaders, Shawn & Tovi, share key concepts of their trauma-responsive approach through an equity lens. They will share a framework full of actionable strategies to help create schools and classrooms designed to thrive, inspite of the post pandemic impact we are working hard to navigate.

This framework uses educational pedagogy grounded in trauma-informed practices and emotional intelligence strategies with equity at its core. Education professionals will discover new capacities to improve their own pedagogy and improve outcomes for teaching and learning. Expected outcomes for this learning include:

  • understand the interconnectedness of trauma, social emotional learning, and equity
  • understand what trauma is and how it impacts students on cognitive and physiological levels
  • understand the racialized and educational trauma many students of color and their families have experienced
  • learn immediate strategies to create a trauma-informed school and classrooms
  • learn resilience-building tools and strategies to use with students
  • expand their equity lens and increase cultural-responsiveness

This package is a condensed self-paced version of what has been offered in a two day workshop format. The video in this package is a recording from a live conference session. It will be available for your private viewing for 90 days from the date of purchase. This package also includes a 23 page downloadable workbook that aligns with the content in the video and offers you a chance to engage more deeply with the content.

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Shawn Nealy Oparah

Tovi Scruggs Hussein


Both Tovi and Shawn are adjunct professors in the School of Education at Mills College as the founding teachers of the trauma-informed leadership graduate course. From this partnership, they created Tr.U.T.H (Trauma-Informed Understanding for Healing and Transformation). They are passionate about facilitating workshops in trauma-informed leadership, emotional intelligence, and equity all over the country. Shawn and Tovi began this journey of teaching trauma-informed skill-sets to educators 5 years ago, published together, and are honored to contribute their gifts and talents to positively shift the academic landscape for children, their families, and all of the educators who truly love them.