As white people practicing Revolutionary Allyship, it is our responsibility to disrupt systemic whiteness wherever we see it. And as our racial awareness grows, we will notice it everywhere - in everyday situations at work, during neighborhood gatherings and social events, or even at home. These situations are often where well-meaning allies get stuck. How can we be confident speaking up, even when it’s deeply uncomfortable? 

In our supportive RHA style, this 60-minute white affinity workshop will address these kinds of dilemmas. We will help you understand how to navigate productive conversations about race and determine when walking away might be the best option. We will review strategies and do lots of sharing about experiences you have had. Sharing and listening are powerful learning tools, and sadly, finding productive spaces to talk about race in our country is still a challenge. This workshop is open to the public. Materials needed: please bring a journal or paper and something to write with.

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Revolutionary Allies:

Keep Calm & Talk About Race

Join us on Zoom on August 11th!

A Note About White Affinity Space:

Though RHA’s base philosophy is rooted in mixed-race learning, this short workshop is focused specifically on supporting the often laborious stages white people must move through to become genuine Revolutionary Allies. Why affinity spaces? For Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, witnessing white people doing their inner work on racial identity and racism can be harmful. In order to prevent this harm and to help supercharge the learning of white people, we are offering this white affinity workshop. RHA plans to offer BIPOC Affinity Healing Spaces in the near future.