In this live, online e-course we will deep-dive into the inner work of racial healing. We will investigate how racism operates in us and through us, explore the systemic nature of racial oppression, and develop racial literacy for more effective engagement on this difficult topic. We will incorporate readings from leading racial justice advocates. You will be provided with an e-workbook; you will be asked to purchase your own journal for the course. With successful course completion, you will receive an anti-bias training certificate and the option to earn continuing education units from two organizations offering credits for a modest fee (CEU’s). 

NOTE: This course is designed to hold a shared container for all of us; it is not an affinity course. To support "affinity-based" work that is conducive to racial healing, affinity time will be held throughout the course, sometimes during our live sessions and sometimes after sessions (optional).

4-Week Course Schedule

Consecutive Mondays: 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/1

4-6pm (PT) / 5-7pm (MT) / 6-8pm (CT) / 7-9pm (ET)

This course is closed for enrollment.

Course Elements

Weekly Two Hour Zoom Class
Weekly 2-Hour Live Zoom Class

Participants will engage in deep conceptual learning, interactive exercises, personal reflection, and dedicated small group exploration. Mindfulness, meditation, and a variety of other healing practices
will sustain us in our work.

Regular 1-Hour Ally-Pod Meetings

Ally-Pods will meet weekly between live sessions. Group members will support each other using guidelines for engaged listening and heart-felt open sharing through this journey of self-discovery, exploration and looking through different lenses.


Selected readings, daily meditation practice and journaling will be encouraged as integral components of this experiential learning.

Testimonials from Racial Healing Allies

"I just can't thank you enough. This has been life changing for me, and I now see, that through me, I can have this positive, ripple effect on others. And I'm already seeing it in my school!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Patti Chow, Asst. Principal

“This course challenged me to become a more reflective, humble, compassionate, and effective leader/ally.”

- Andrew Burghdorf, COO

"This is what genuine transformative education looks like!"

- Monica Sanchez-Flores, Assistant Professor

I am so impressed with the content and facilitation of this course.  I am also in awe of how quickly you all created a nurturing environment via zoom, with such a diverse (work experience, location, etc) group of people."

- Laura Martin, School Social Worker

“It made me feel a lot more confident about jumping in and talking about race... I LOVED how compassionate the leaders were and how committed they were to the internal work of each person. I never realized how important that piece was.”

- Anonymous Participant

"Thank you so much. This was a life-changing course."

- Hilary Kjaer, Principal

“Mindful Allyship engages your heart, your mind and your gut. To me, Mindful Allyship feels like a whole body approach to understanding the deep rooted racism that exists in me, how shame shows up in my conversations with People of Color, and what it means to be an ally. ”

- Lisa Hart, Community Coordinator

"This class was fantastic. Absolutely transformative in the best possible way." 

- Edmond Manning, Instructional Strategist

"I am different. I think differently. It feels like I went through a divorce of my old thoughts and processes. I will never be the same."

- Rachael Jones, Teacher

"This class offers a rare combination of mindfulness, new learnings and practice opportunities and was the most powerful racial healing work I've ever done. It supported me in sitting with deep discomfort and beginning to crawl towards a deeper discovery of my humanity."

- Cara Jones, Coach, Filmmaker, Writer

Your Facilitators: The RHA Trio

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein

Tovi Scruggs-Hussein (she/her) is a visionary, healer, and award-winning urban educator with almost 30 years of leadership and transformation experience. She is internationally recognized for her signature approach of Leadership Do-ing to Leadership BE-ing and Emotionally Intelligent Equity & Inclusion. She is a leader in meditation, resilience, and self-mastery, having had a daily meditation practice for almost 30 years, and also sitting four week-long silent retreats. She is on a mission to heal our leaders and organizations through SELf-Transformation for School & Systemic Transformation. Tovi has been a certified executive coach through New Ventures West since 2012 and was personally trained by Brene Brown as a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator to train others in courageous leadership with a lens of inclusion and belonging. Yet, the very best leadership training she ever received has been the 17 years she spent as a principal. She is a founding adjunct professor of Trauma-Informed Leadership with an Equity Lens at Mills College, the National President for Coalition for Schools Educating Mindfully, and has been highlighted by Mindful Magazine as one of the top women leaders of 2021 lighting up the mindfulness movement with courage and wisdom. Tovi cultivates conscious, connected, and courageous leaders world-wide.

Sally Albright-Green

Sally Albright Green (she/her) is an instructional coach, and mindfulness practitioner and trainer. She has her MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, is a Certified Teacher Evaluator in the state of Illinois, and sits on the board of the Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully. She spent fourteen years teaching 8th grade ELA in a large ethnically diverse middle school, and is now a Teaching and Learning Coach at a K-5 school in suburban Chicago. She has taken courses provided by Mindful Schools, The Mindsight Institute, Mindful Leadership and UCSD Center for Mindfulness. She began studying her racial identity twenty years ago, and has worked to incorporate her sensitivities about race into her day to day life in and out of school. Sally understands the idea that teachers and students will thrive, when stakeholders work to correct the impact systemic whiteness has on curriculum, grading practices, and classroom climates all over the country.

Grace Helms Kotre

Grace Helms Kotre (she/her), MSW, is a certified mindfulness instructor and social justice educator. Grace’s passion for facilitating inner transformation and social change through contemplative practice informs her life and work. As the founder of Power to Be, LLC, she offers trainings and presentations on mindfulness as a tool for personal healing and equity-based social change. Grace also serves as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Michigan School of Social Work and in the Department of Health & Human Services at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Grace has a background in community social work, human ecology, and trauma-informed practice, and she has been committed to a daily meditation practice since 2009. As a white woman, Grace is continually in the work of understanding her own internalized white racial identity, white dominant culture, and racism. 

This course is closed for enrollment.