As white people practicing Revolutionary Allyship, we have to continually assess our efforts and fight hard not to fall back into comfort and inaction. How are we be-ing and do-ing as we practice allyship? What is our inner experience of allyship and how is it translating to our external lives? Where are we growing, what are we missing, and how can we continue to engage in effective allyship with love and courage?

In this 90-minute white affinity workshop, we will “check our status” as we reconnect in our supportive community. We will practice compassionate accountability and nourish each other as we continue to learn. This workshop is for RHA graduates only (must have completed Mindful Allyship and/or Embodied Allyship to participate). Materials needed: please bring a journal or paper and something to write with.

This course is closed for enrollment.

A Note About White Affinity Space:

Though RHA’s base philosophy is rooted in mixed-race learning, this short workshop is focused specifically on supporting the often laborious stages white people must move through to become genuine Revolutionary Allies. Why affinity spaces? For Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color, witnessing white people doing their inner work on racial identity and racism can be harmful. In order to prevent this harm and to help supercharge the learning of white people, we are offering this white affinity workshop. RHA plans to offer BIPOC Affinity Healing Spaces in the near future.